Sunday, March 11, 2007

"No anonymous assholes. Yeah!"

Playing around with Twitter... came across this from Robert Scoble:
@jowyang: I like Twitter more than blogging. No anonymous assholes. Yeah! But only 140 chars. Booo!

The problem with Blogging isn't anonymous blogs... it's only when it gets ground up in an aggregator that things become an issue. When you deal with one blog at a time, and prune your own sources, you quickly and efficiently recognize spam, and keep it out. This is a very large negative feedback signal to the spammers, with a gain of almost minus infinity.

Search engines and other aggregators have no such filtering. Aside from the very long term PageRank feedback from Google on their periodic updates, there is no way to send negative feedback though an aggregator.

If we can restore the feedback path, we can help kill spam dead, in all forms.

All ideas on how exactly to do that are welcome...

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