Monday, September 06, 2021

Youtube channels of note

Because I took a while to write it up elsewhere, I figured I'm archive a copy here as well.

Wow this list got long... sorry

Beau of the Fifth Column has a pretty interesting take on events, a strong interest in community networks, and deep insight into what holds society together -

Breaking Points - Krystal Ball is a liberal, Saagar Enjeti is a conservative, and together they seek to cover the important stories that would otherwise go unnoticed -

Knowing Better is an ex soldier who offers long insightful views on a variety of topics -

Lex Fridman was born in the Soviet Union, worked at MIT in AI, and does interesting interviews with a wide variety of people -

MKBHD reviews technology in a fairly credible way -

MrPete222 is the shop teacher you never had - fascinating lessons and stories about machining -

Phil DeDranco does a daily rundown of the stories that you might get in the media, with a fairly balanced view -

Practical Engineering is an explainer channel about most things infrastructure -

Rebecca Watson provides a welcome skeptical view and calls out quite a lot of BS related to science -

Rebel Wisdom is a project that is actively trying to figure out collective sense making in the modern era -

Sabine Hossenfelder is a commenter on all things physics -

Scott Manley provides commentary on all things space and rocket related -

Smarter Every Day is an engineer who provides interesting explainers about various subjects. He got permission to film and interview inside an active US nuclear attack sub... pretty cool -

Technology connections does in depth explainers of everyday stuff you didn't realize you wanted to know more about, like how heat pumps or lanterns work.  -

Veritasium was founded by Derek Muller, who was looking for more effective ways of teaching, when he found that traditional education has almost zero effect at removing misconceptions -

ZDogg is an MD who gives strong personal opinions on all things medical -