Sunday, November 21, 2021

Dear Democrats, please stop making Rittenhouse a hero.

 I might be overthinking it, but it seems to me that the "woke" people in this country are the ones actually turning Rittenhouse into a hero.  By completely ignoring the nuance, they prove just how disconnected they are from reality to the normies.

Look what happened when the clown show that is Trump turned up in 2016. Calling more than half of the country who agreed that the working class was ignored deplorable, and then arguing details, instead of addressing the issues didn't work so well, did it?

Most people wanted relief from the effects of Globalization on the working class.  They were willing to put up with Clown Show Man as a big f*ck you to the Dems who abandoned them.

With Rittenhouse, you're ignoring the wanton acts that led up to the tragedy, and acting like this dumb kid was a KKK grand wizard on a quest to kill people of color.

Most people don't want to see their homes and workplaces burned down because of incompetence on the part of government.

Who knows what will happen if you continue to conflate protest (which we all support) with Riots (which most of us condemn).

Please stop making Kyle into a hero, and let him live a quiet life dealing with the after-effects of this whole politically induced shit show.