Saturday, September 24, 2016

Beme - first reactions

I'm quite interested in the work of Casey Neistat, who is a very good YouTube blogger. He's founded a company called Beme, which is an app based on some interesting ideas.  I'm trying it out on my Amazon Fire HD tablet, just to get an idea of what is possible with this $49 device.

It does function, but not very well. I'd lay most of the blame on the hardware at this stage, but time will tell.  The navigation in Beme is sized to fit on cell phone displays, and shows up very small, and with no text labels, making it hard to figure out what's going on.

I find that not being able to see yourself while doing a selfie leads to framing issues, and a lot of re-shooting things. I imagine practice might help, but this seems a bit arbitrary to me.

For some reason, it doesn't record the whole clip when I do a selfie, again, it could be the hardware?

I'll learn more, and get better at this... I'm at