Saturday, July 20, 2019

Testing for dark matter, micro black holes, etc.

I propose the following experiment. Get about 20 tons of steel pipe in thick sections that can nest. Support them on the ends with bearings and a clockwork drive. Turn each piece VERY slowly at a different rate, such that they only overlap at the beginning of the experiment, and perhaps again at the end. Let them sit in a temperature controlled environment (or just heat them all to a common temperature (which is cheaper))... after a few decades, take the whole thing apart and scan the entire surface of the outside layer for holes using a tunnelling electron microscope.... if holes are found, scan the inner layers for matching holes... any hole that goes through multiple layers can tell you the date and direction of the source.

You don't even have to grind the surface first... you could do it at the end, it wouldn't really matter.

Elegant, and affordable. What do you all think?

Of course an even cheaper experiment would be to take very old structural steel and polish and scan it. The older, the better.