Thursday, February 02, 2012

So now I get free censorship along with my blogging tools?

So now it appears that Google (who provides the tools and hosts this blog) not only get ad revenue from my work in trade, will also provide free censorship services to government. Such a deal!

Now, at this point, remember the situation we are all in.

None of our computers are secure because the operating systems have no provisions to support Capability Based Security. (Which would work, but would require massive amounts of new code for everything)

Because our computers aren't secure, they can get used to provide infrastructure for others as part of bot-nets, spamming us, spreading virii, running spy software, rootkits, and all sorts of things for everyone by us.

Only true peers on the internet can host their own stuff, but most of us have internet access not actual peerage.

Thus we are forced to choose who will host our stuff, and who will let us access the stuff of others via the internet.

For 99%+ of us, sharing photos with friends and family now always involves uploading it to some multi-national corporations, where it gets put into a massive database, and the faces of people in them are compared against other databases.

For 99%+ of us, everything we send out across the internet is not encrypted, and is automatically scanned for threats to the powers that be.

Most people aren't aware of the layers of surveillance built into things since the 1960s, the secret rooms where all internet and phone traffic is diverted for the convenience of the NSA and others.

Most people don't know what the difference between money and currency is, viewing real money as an amusing relic.

we're all cattle in farms called countries... get used to it.