Saturday, July 10, 2004

I've been reading John Robb's Weblog as well as having read all of the content of Global Guerrillas, to learn about the current state of the world. I've learned quite a bit, and am now far more worried about the future of the United States, and less about my own personal safety.

It appears that the nature of warfare has changed. We find ourselves confronted with a set of enemies, both foreign and domestic. The domestic ones are the ones I can help defeat. Here is an overview of the situation as I now see it.

The nature of warfare is continually evolving. Our country was attacked by a decentrallized network of terrorists on February 26, 1993, this attack, using $300 of materials, which left a 30 meter wide hole through 4 levels of the World Trade Center, should have been a wakeup call... but wasn't.

We face a threat that we are truely unprepared for, small cells of 5-15 very intelligent and dedicated people who are working towards disruption of our way of life. Their emphasis is already shifting to attacks against our infrastructure, and away from body counts. Fighting this enemy will require a far more intelligent and proactive strategy than those currently enacted.

A radical solution is necessary if we are to maintain our way of life. It's far more likely that we'll be forced to change our way of life, and adapt, as humans always do, to a new order of things. I fear that the United States will not make it's 250th birthday.