Tuesday, January 18, 2005


On futher reflection, EgoVectors will probably actually end up as EgoBits.

Monday, January 17, 2005

My first EgoVector

The latest ripple in blog-o-sphere is that of metadata, meta-tags, and FolkSonomy. The question falling out of things is what "tags" would you give to describe your own beliefs and orientations to others.

I'm a Mapper, so I read a ton of things, and they all sit in background processes, getting mulled about. Tonight a personal email (about encryption to "protect" HD video between own pieces of equipment and the monitor) stirred up a pretty strong set of emotions, so I listened to those emotions, and as a result I think I've found my first "tag". It's something I feel strongly about, and have been sorting out my feelings about for a long time.

I'm a LimitedCopyright, (like Lawrence Lessig) which is in the middle ground between PermanentCopyright, and InfoAnarchist. I believe that the founding fathers idea of a time-limited government enforced monopoly was a reasonable trade for a larger and enriched public domain.

So, there it is... my first IdentiTag (ewww... don't quite like that word, the hunt for a neologism commences)....

Some searching of Google finds that EgoVector is a better attempt at a Neologism for me, as well as better describing the concept.

A definition, to get the ball rolling:

EgoVector - The distillation of all of the thoughts and feelings of a single person, into a concretely specific tag (preferably a unique one - neologisms best) that can be referenced by all other participants in the FolkSonomy.

A good EgoVector serves to let the person involved (Ego) tell others how they are oriented about an issue. (direction -- Vector) If chosen well, there can even be a bit of Lakoff's "Framing" implied. A well chosen EgoVector will help you find others of a like mind on the issue.

Other EgoVectors for me might include:

PackRat, BrilliantImpatient, AuthorityIssues, FrustratedPerfectionist, etc...

But I'm defintely a LimitedCopyright !

Thanks to Doc Searls, Jeff Jarvis, David Galbraith, Wikipedia and many others for the shoulders to stand on for this entry.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Let's get things thing rolling, again

My wife started a new blog - My Father William, which she indents to use to pass on stories about her late father. I had the privilege to meet him, and become his friend. I look forward to learning more about him, and get to know him even better. To me, he was always cheerful, dealing with the ups and downs of life that we all encounter, with strength and wit.

This prompts me to pick up this old bloggin project, and dust it off, and actually write something. I'm working on organizing my life, trying to break my worst habit, which is abandoning things after they stop being new. Only time will tell how successful I am.