Saturday, April 27, 2019

A phase change is coming, and we're not ready.

The American Empire is about to fade from the world stage. When it does, we're not going to be able to export paper dollars for goods and services any more. This will lead to a reduction of our standard of living of at least 50%, probably more like 80%. Nobody as prepared for this, especially not the current dominant political class.
We need to unwind the financialization and refocus on our physical economy, the actual goods and services made here in America, as imports are likely to increase in price from 2 to 10 times. We need to get infrastructure projects underway asap. We need to get healthcare socialized, and get rid of the insurance industry.
If we don't do these things, we're going to have a future worse than that of the people in the Soviet Union after its collapse.

We need to break at least one of the RNC/DNC pair to fix our political system. Ideally we'd figure out how to build a conversation and movement completely outside of the election cycle, that doesn't treat Democracy as a regularly scheduled family feud, but rather as a conversation with all of the sane adults in the room who need to chart a course to the future.

Example: Obama built up a heck of an organization to get elected, then totally ignored it once in office. Instead of getting a war campaign effort up to raise funds to buy ads, why not just actively involve people in conversation, then you won't NEED to buy ads that everyone ignores anyway.

Things are broken, voting is always an exercise in game theory, not who you actually want to represent you.

We can fix this. It requires small but VERY persistent effort on all of our parts.