Saturday, July 02, 2022

We need to do a hard thing

 We do need to do a hard thing, we need to reconfigure our world to cope with the end of the one time greatest economic bonanza of all times... the fossil fuel pulse.

If you think I'm about to go on about global warming/climate change/etc... NOPE

We've tapped most of the easy to reach oil in the world. Now we're fracking to get at things, and those wells have decay rates of 40%/year, instead of per decade.  If we stopped all drilling, we'd have 40% less oil next year from all the new wells. (Or so I've been lead to believe. It's my opinion that we've got 20 years, at the outside to complete this project)

The new shockingly high fuel costs? They're here to stay, no matter who "runs the country". They stopped building new refineries in the 1970s, because they knew this day was coming, and it didn't make sense to build more capacity for an industry they knew was heading to a peak. The only surprise was that some things broke faster than planned.

Our civilization depends on a resource in decline. All the people at the top have zero clue as to how to actively manage the situation. We, the people, have to start from the grass roots and figure this out ourselves.

Friday, July 01, 2022

Abortion isn't all about ending life - saying it is, is evil!

I've lost multiple nights of sleep, and simply have no coping skills because there exist in this world a large number of people who just love calling abortion "Baby Murder"

These people obviously know the difference between a dead child lying on the ground in a classroom in Texas, and a few cells removed in the first half of a pregnancy... yet they persist in this evil game.

If the upcoming laws in my Red State had been in effect 2 decades ago, I'd have no wife, she would have been killed, rather than have life saving procedure after we lost a more than welcome pregnancy. Thus she wouldn't have been with me to bring our lovely child into the world later.

How many men will lose their wives, sisters, daughters... how many children will lose their mothers because of this evil befalling the land?

How the f*ck can I get some sleep at night, knowing of all the evil indifference these people carry in their hearts?