Sunday, September 30, 2007

Openness Index - Plan A

Doc Searls asks about the idea of an Openness Index... and starts with the Nokia N95 and Apple iPhone as sample subjects of comparison. To make this actually work, in a general case, the following steps are necessary.
  • Provide a common means of specifying an object in a distributed folksonomy (so that everyone can comment about something, and not get ambiguity when machine-read)
  • Provide a common means of specifying things about said object using the same type of folksonomy (so that you could aggregate the results)
  • Provide a common means of integrating Identity and Reputation into the mix

I believe that if there were a way for all of us to just put these three items together into a blog post, with enough syntactic sugar to eliminate ambiguity for a machine to read it... it could work.

You'd end up with something like RSS for opinions about a given Subject.

Who wants to start building it with me?


Friday, September 28, 2007

Organizing photos... again!

I'm now facing down doing the same exact task for the third time (thanks to HP, and their seemingly inexhaustible ability to churn out defective laptops)..

I have approximately 150,000 photos that I've taken in the past 10 years. I've gone through them to pick the "good ones" twice... but lost that work twice with dead HP laptops.

This time, I want to embed IPTC, EXIF, or XMP metadata in the image files themselves, so that I CAN'T lose my work again.

I currently use ThumbsPlus 7.0 from Cerious... but it seems to lack the ability to sync keywords back out metadata in the image files.

What would it cost to get this feature added to ThumbsPlus? What are the alternatives?


PS: This is kinda what I expect Doc Searls to do as an experment in VRM land.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Early Morning Commute

Early Morning Commute
Originally uploaded by --Mike--
On my way in the previous day, i saw the beginnings of this photo. I got my good camera, and took quite a few frames.