Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Count me as #2 of 1000

James Howard Kunstler is sometime over the top in tone, but dead on accurate in the long term... his latest column warns of the dangers faced by our country, and by our President Elect. He supposes we're not adult enough to face the threat head on, and I worry he might be right(emphasis mine):

"The motoring era is coming to an end. Heroic investments in highway infrastructure to create jobs will be a tragic waste of our dwindling capital. The pressure for Mr. O to make these misinvestments will be enormous, perhaps insurmountable. There are probably not a thousand people in the US who agree with what I am saying -- meaning the consensus to keep the cars running at all costs overwhelms reality at the moment. Does Mr. O's concept of "change" include the possibility that we may have to live very differently in this society?
     Chances are, if Mr. O knows any of these things he might be crucified in the polls and the media by acknowledging them. The only "change" that America really wants to hear about is evicting George Bush from the White House."

So, count me as #2 out of those thousand people who have read his column, and actually agree with it. The problem is that we need the majority to wake up from their consumer era dream, and get back to work, making adult decisions, for our own sake, and our children.