Sunday, October 16, 2005

I still don't get RSS

I don't understand the allure of RSS. I just tried Taskable and I got the impression that I had regressed 10 years or so to the days of Gopher. One gets the thing running (and it's REALLY easy to install)... and one gets real time menus nested arbitrarily deep from sources across the net. Technically it's a stunning achievement... but I don't understand WHY.

I have a set of bookmarks I try to read at least once per day, they are a stack of sets of bookmarks that I have FireFox "open in tabs" so I get about 20 at a time. At present there are Blogs-Blogs8, and "Tin Foil Hat". On a good day, I have time to read all of them in depth. On bad days, I only read a few things, just to keep an eye out for inbound disasters.

What I'm looking for is something that can watch all of these sites, and just download the lastest articles on each into one place so I can read them. It would be nice if I could read them offline on the train during my commute, but that's not essential. It would be very nice if it tracked which ones I actually read.

I thought that's what RSS was all about, but apparently not.