Thursday, February 23, 2006

The need for editing

Scott Adams discusses blogging in the form of a list of class notes. The one that caught my eye was

Half-Baked Thoughts. Nobody's going to pounce on you for putting your half-baked thoughts on your blog. People may disagree, or help you see some flaws, but almost always with the understanding that they are in your house as a guest.

I respectfully disagree. An audience of regulars might appreciate and understand where things are going in a spur of the moment post. However, in the case of "small bloggers" or new audiences, it's less likely that there will be sufficient patience to overcome the any lapses in clarity.

I cringe when I realize I've let something go too soon. I'm tempted to re-read everything and to clean it all up, but somehow I know that's not right either.

It's better to take a few minutes, read what you're about to submit aloud, and make sure you really want to say it that way.

Take the time, it'll help us all out.

Thank you for your time and attention.


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