Tuesday, February 07, 2006


According to Technorati, we're writing and linking at an amazing and increasing pace. We're swimming in a sea of material, but don't have the tools to find the good stuff.

Tagging content as it is written is a good and growing thing. This places the responsiblity for correctly guessing which tags belong on a given posting with the author.

When we link to the posting, we might have different ideas of where it belongs, some new invented tag might be appropriate to it, but we don't have control over the source, we can't annotate it, and the search engines don't provide any way to measure our intentions.

I propose that a new tagging format, a LinkTag be created which would allow us to add this new information when we build links to a posting. If someone decides 3 years from now that this particular posting needs a new tag as they write about it, I certainly can't be expected to anticipate it and pick the exactly correct technorati tag from the future, but the person doing the linking definitely could!

I believe this form of community moderation and markup could be a very powerful and expressive thing. There are opprotunities and dangers aplenty here.... we need to build it, and see where it goes!

Thanks for your time and attention.

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