Sunday, August 02, 2020

Lies about Antifa

This meme is a lie that omits most of the bad actors from the story.

1) Just because the terrorists in Portland call themselves Anti-Facists, doesn't mean they are nice people. They belong in jail because of the crimes they committed, including terrorism.
2) Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler also belongs in jail, for aiding and abetting enemies of the United States. He allowed this to continue for political gains.
3) The Governor of Oregon failed to act, a federal criminal investigation should be started, if it hasn't already. It his this inaction which gave an opening to Trump to use this for political gains.
4) Trump - what can I say. Trump belongs in prison too, for many crimes even before his Presidency, and his betrayal of our Country while in office. Crimes against humanity charges should be pressed for his deliberate mishandling of the plague.
5) The Federal troops who obeyed illegal orders, like the Nazis after WWII need to be charged with crimes.

5 groups of bad actors, all belong in jail awaiting trial.

Meanwhile, Americans are dying at 1 per minute due to Covid.

Meanwhile the Rich get Richer.