Saturday, November 28, 2020

Mappers vs Packers, now with StoryTelling!

 Long ago, about 1997, I learned about "mappers and packers", which is a theory that there are two main ways of remembering things... as a map of how everything works, where you really need to keep everything consistent... or as a pack of things you really need to know about X.

I'm a mapper... but I worked with packers... they were great as long as you could give them a list of unambiguous instructions that always worked (computers aren't consistent, even though people think they are)

So, today I decided to see if anything new was out there... and I find that there as a new way of thinking to be added... Story Telling... 

Whereas mapping and packing is all about how you organize your own ways of thinking, story telling is about tying it together in a package that can convey a set of facts, in spite of the different ways the listener might hear the details

I found this article about it quite interesting.