Thursday, June 18, 2020

Words that don't sound quite right, Antifa, and Racism

A year or two ago, I listened to my friend Paul Traynor's podcast "Race Bait", learned quite a bit about race relations... but some things bothered me about it.... eventually I realized why, and stopped listening.
The step too far:  The continued use of the term "Microagression"
A the propaganda term used to assert intent - Implying that any time a non-white person is made to feel uncomfortable, it is an overt racist act, instead of the social faux-pas that it truly is 99%+ of the time.
In the meanwhile, I started outting myself as an "old white guy" defensively. I'm willing to admit that as an old white guy, there is a lot of slack given to me that others don't get.
This past week, I've been reading, listening, and watching from a range of viewpoints. The warnings from Bret Weinstein, who experienced the wrath of Antifa 3 years ago at Evergreen State were most instructive.
I'm now fairly certain that there are some traps being set up, and I refuse to fall into them... concerning language, privilege and guilt.
Certain words are being used, and being excused as meaning something else.  I now refuse to go there.
For Example: If you say "Defund the Police" I am not going to let you explain your way out of it... either change your words, or lose my support.  This is a strong recent shift in my position.
From here on out, I'm calling out the Maoist insurgency on the Left wherever I see it. Just as I have been calling out the Fascist stuff on the Right.
The shit that's going on in Seattle is evidence of a part of a bigger trend, the result of the takeover of the institutions by Maoist insurgents under the guise of "Post-modernism" and "Political Correctness".
Things in Seattle aren't going to end nicely.
Back to language, and it's use:
Of course Black lives matter.... but "Black Lives Matter", in their About page says "We are working for a world where Black lives are no longer systematically targeted for demise."
I do not believe that black people are being systematically targeted for demise.
I believe it is an accidental effect of a Police system doing what it was designed to do... keep the poor down.  Racism is a side effect.
I do believe that the Police need oversight and restraint that has been lacking.
I do believe that the Police have been cast into the role of an occupation force, a role they are not supposed to hold.
I believe most of the Police don't want to be an occupying force. I believe that some of them do, and they shouldn't be Police.
I do believe that racism is real. I do not believe that all Whites are automatically racist.
I believe that the "Defund the Police" movement is a trap. Most people agree that the police need reform.  Only a very small number of (in my opinion) very foolish people actual want to do away with Police departments entirely. To eliminate law enforcement is to invite anarchy.
I believe that the Donor Class (who buy Senators and Congressmen in bulk) are very happy to see all of us mad at each other, as it gives them cover while they try to offshore and hide the $500+ Billion they stole while we were all worried about Covid.
I believe I've rambled on enough... and want to hear what you think.