Sunday, February 19, 2006

Home Grown Video

The fact is that home grown video is taking off. For an example that I find hilarious as a fellow Hoosier, check out Lazy Muncie. It's joins Lazy Monday from the West Coast in the spoof wars started by an YouTube posting of a skit called Lazy Sunday on Saturday Night Live. The pool of spoofs will probably grow some more before we're done. The remix culture is alive and well. Eventually we'll get HD hardware, and it'll get used for movies as well.

NBC has since decided they want to take their ball home, like a spoiled child. The common wisdom among my fellow South Shore passengers is that they should follow the Grateful Dead model of marketing, and give a little something to the market.

I'm sure that you'll see some NBC executives before Congress whining about how their God-given right to make money is being infringed because the market doesn't like them anymore... it's just a matter of time.

It's mix, remix, and stir... creative energy at its most fun. Enjoy the ride.


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