Thursday, February 14, 2019

RSS still works

I came across this post by Semaphore and Cairn, which pointed to an article beyond a paywall that I can't read.... but I believe the point still applies in the context of RSS.   In the first few iterations of reading RSS first, some things just had to go because they turned out out be just too politically grating (why subscribe to a feed that consistently makes you angry?)
Turns out that BoingBoing is EASIER to read on their RSS feed.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

RSS First

I've decided to change the loop I find myself in daily.... I'm going to read all my RSS feeds FIRST before doing BoingBoing, Slashdot, Facebook and Youtube.

My current RSS reader is RSS Owl.

Monday, February 11, 2019

New goal - Disprove dark matter/ dark energy on a $100 budget

Ground breaking science will happen this year, either in my garage, or at Pumping Station One in Chicago.
Dryer vent pipe, old water pipe, heavy weights, and a bit of fishing line will be used to disprove the dark matter / dark energy bullshit that has infested physics.
Hopefully I can keep the budget under $100.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Leading edge science in the home shop?

I strongly suspect that there are some elegant and affordable experiments similar to the Cavendish experiment which could help prove Mike McCulloch's Quantized Inertia theory. 

If you were to use a servo to keep weights on a torsion balance stationary, you could measure the current required and have a very sensitive gravity balance.  The suspended weights and servo could all be soldered inside a copper pipe to all but eliminate drafts and electrostatic forces as noise sources.

A computer controlled linear stage could be used to log data, and to move the test masses external to the assembly and make many measurements over weeks or months of the forces with weights and different distances.

I hope to do this experiment in the next year or two.  I welcome anyone who cares to do it before or after me.