Friday, February 24, 2006

Clue train, redux

As pointed to a few days ago, over at Head Lemur's: Raving Lunacy, Marketing is a Disease
Marketeers talk about control and spin. Traditional Marketing Wisdom stated that a bad customer experience would only lose you 7 customers. That was in the days of Monologue. This is age of Dialogue. The Internet and Blogs can cost you all of them. This is age of Dialogue. Genuine Dialogue. Every company who has tried ghost blogs has had their asses handed to them. We are smart and getting smarter every day. Our bullshit detectors will ferret you out and thousands of voices will point and laugh. You cannot spin your way out of this.

Wow! This has the barbaric yalp written all over it, and it's all dead true!

Good stuff, part of my daily reads.


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