Sunday, February 12, 2006

Feeding the long tail

Today's bit of wisdom comes from Scott Karp at "Publishing 2.0":

Consumer-created media takes a lot of time and energy — unless we develop economic models to meaningfully compensate the long tail, the ego payoff for most people won’t be enough to justify the effort. The cost of entry to create content is low in terms of dollars, but the cost of sustainable content creation is very high in terms of time, which in this short life is our most valuable commodity.

Amen! It doesn't take much at all, a link here or there, a mention or two, and we in the long tail stay happy, and keep plugging away at it. If you want to think of it as building a market, or building a community, or better yet, building a society, please do so.

I'm of the solid opinion that the larger the blog-o-sphere, the better we all are. It helps us face down one of the three biggest issues facing Democracy, which is a good thing.


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