Saturday, January 07, 2006

Predicitions for 2006

Here are my predictions for 2006 and beyond:
  • Desktop security gets multiple 15 minutes of fame, but apathy still rules, and I'll keep complaining about it. People just don't get that it can be fixed, if they really want it to be.
  • Computers get faster, and we keep finding new things to spend that speed on, such as compressing video, indexing photos, etc.
  • Energy insecurity forces itself into everyone's reality. Riverbend gives us a preview of what it's like in Iraq. This will move James Howard Kunstler all the way from crackpot to visionary in one fell swoop.
  • John Robb's global guerrillas thesis makes a similar move into the mainstream. We opened pandora's box in Iraq, and the domestic blow-back is going to be a bitch.
  • The phrase "It's not what you know, but who" gets played out as we all move away from the old industrial model of work for hire, back toward the agrarian one of craftsmanship and social networks.
  • At some point, Comedy Central will allow me to download the daily show as a $5/year subscription... (one can always hope)
  • Technorati will offer a new tool that allows us to use the blog-o-sphere to gauge how effective we truely are, and give tips to help us improve our networking skills, in a direct manner. (Or maybe they already do?)
  • The war of the search engines continues, but whoever is first to successfully distill semantic information out to the web, will win big, because keywords don't always cut it.
  • After years of stupidity, the major Credit Card companies will make a shift towards capabilities based transactions... for example, you'll tell Citibank that you want to allow your Electric company (and only them) the ability to charge up to $300 per month. Even if their database gets hacked, nobody else could use the number.
  • AT&T will continue it's efforts to charge variable tolls on the internet, if they succeed, we'll route around the damage.
Well.. that's enough for now, isn't it?

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