Thursday, January 05, 2006

Getting side-swiped in the war for control

Doc worries about the war between Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Either way, we lose, because it's actually just a war between profiteers, one that wants to wring monopoly rents out of our culture, and the other that wants to wring monopoly rents out of our innovation.

Now, I'm partisan, because at least of the techonologist profiteers win, we get better toys to play with for our money. It's my opinion that giving monopoly rents to Hollywood doesn't offer anywhere near that kind of return on investment.

The fact is, that we're going to get side swiped, by security. As I see it, our basic security model underlying things on the ends of the internet, all the boxes we use, is fundamentally insufficient to the task at hand. There are only a few people that I know of (so far) who are actually working on a solution, instead of profiteering from the current inherently insecure design that we're all saddled with.

Unless the big picture changes, there will always be a reason we can't trust the computers on the ends of the network, which will provide the justification for filtering the middle. Thus we're going to have a locked down internet, because we can't secure the ends. This is how we'll lose this war, in spite of all of our efforts elsewhere.

We need to get our house in order, get a more secure set of ends, if we're ever going to hope to hold on to the means.

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