Thursday, January 05, 2006

Climbing the long tail, part deux

Since I'm a small blogger, I have to do what I can to climb the ladder-o-attention. I've decided that posting more than once every 6 months is important. Watching who links to me is another part of it... and I've decided that TAGS can really help the "small blogger" such as myself get around the whole issue.

I've started going back through my old posts, and adding tags. Blogger doesn't support doing it, so I do them by hand, which is better than nothing.


Tags: [longtail, hyperlinks]

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Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love that 100K bump in the rankings though, eh? A couple more weeks like this one and you'll have arrived!

There are a number of ways of attracting attention. Using the latest technological tools can help, but even that relies, to a great extent, on social engineering - exploiting human nature.

I do recommend Cialdini's Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. In one of life's enduring ironies, Cialdini tells how he wrote the book to empower people to inocculate themselves against the efforts of marketers and salesmen, but the publisher chose to include a blurb-quote on the cover "One of the most important marketing books you'll ever read," or something to that effect.

I employ Cialdini's insights largely as he intended. I certainly haven't managed to improve my powers of persuasion. ;^) But I think there is much in there that can help you broaden your audience, as well as help you understand how other bloggers and companies exploit human nature to gain a competitive advantage.

Dave Rogers