Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Thoughts on the Cluetrain, and manners.

It occurs to me that the ClueTrain Manifesto wasn't just about marketing. The message was that Mass Marketing is dead, and conversations are what we need. While the message was valid, I think it's really all about manners.

I've embarked on a one man crusade / war / battle / journey / pilgrimage / marketing campaign.... whatever you want to call it, to get the word out about Cabsec, capability based security. In the course of things I asked for advice, and got some great tips.

One of the things Doc Searls said was:
Again, link generously. Also, don’t be dogmatic, or polemic. Look at the topic as a field in need of greater substance, and contribute all you can that is plainly substantial. Don’t evangelize. Just set the bait and wait for the right people to come. Promotion is distorting and mostly starts arguments.
(Emphasis mine)

I just couldn't get past this little bit... otherwise everything he said I'm going to do. In mulling over the cognitive dissonance of it, I came to the realization about manners.

People don't like Evangelists because they are too much like old style marketers... they interrupt your life, and don't really care about anything but pushing their message, and converting you to their particular set of values.

I don't want to do that... I want to make people aware of my views, and see what they have that might help. I think this means that there is a new style of evangelism/journalism/activism, etc... coming down the pike, and I'm the case study for it.

I have a story to tell, and I want to learn. So, labels aside... I think something new is coming, it needs a word to hang meanings on... I'll leave that up to you, gentle readers.

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