Sunday, March 21, 2010

Imagining the freedom box

I just watched the video of Eben Moglen's presentation Freedom in the Cloud where he discusses a great many things, and has a great number of insights... and he ends with a call to build a "freedom box" which would allow the owner to have their own server, and their own logs, and to move control of privacy back out into the ends of internet.

I think this is a worthwhile endeavor, and I will support it.

I want to make sure one thing is right... security. For if the security is done wrong, the whole enterprise is likely to remain the province of geeks, and the public won't accept it. If the public doesn't accept the idea, then these boxes can eventually be filtered off the net in the long term.

Security for me means that choices about what is to be done need to be fine grained for the user, easily modified and transparent in their effects, and reliably enforced by the system. Cabsec is the only architecture that I believe can meet those goals.

I look forward to this new toolkit to use to promote computers as a safe and effective tool.

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