Monday, October 05, 2020

Wherein Mike undertakes an audacious quest he is woefully unprepared for, but full of pluck.

 This is, by far, the most ambitious programming project I've taken on in decades. I'm picking up a program written in 2002, in C, a language I've actively avoided for 40 years. It runs in Linux, which I've never programmed for, though I have used. I have almost zero experience in this particular tool chain, it's all new to me.

Why? Because the documentation I read 4 days ago, hinted that there was a very powerful programming language buried inside. 

So, now here I am, with an idea, and enough tools to realize it, and a rough but interesting road ahead.  

As of now, the program prints this text when run:

Welcome to Stoical.

Segmentation fault in:

stack: (empty)

context: (:) 'def Segmentation fault

I'm pleased that I've gotten to the point that it compiles. 8)

You too can watch in real time as I struggle to come up to speed on gcc, autoconf, m4, Ubuntu, WSL, and C with tons of pointers, through the magic of Git and GitHub

Here is the GitHub repository

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