Sunday, October 11, 2020

ImgBurn to the rescue... twice!

 I've been on a Retro computing kick lately. I hit a few walls because I couldn't figure out how to get things into the VirtualBox machines (the OSs involved were so old there were no file/network sharing things I could get to work).  Then it dawned on me that I could make .ISO files, and insert them in the virtual CD-ROM drive.  ImgBurn did the job under Windows 10.

Here is Forth/2, which I wrote, and Brian Mathewson documented, back in 1992-1994, running under OS/2 4.50

Next up we have STOICAL, a next generation FORTH system which has some promising features I'm interested in exploring. I had to get Debian 3 up and running to get it installed via dpkg

Jonathan Sachs initially wrote STOIC for the Data General NOVA machine, then moved on to write Lotus 1-2 3.
Jonathan Liles wrote STOICAL to run on Linux, then moved on to write NON.

Here is STOICAL running under Debian 3

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