Tuesday, October 13, 2020

I reject the content of a stupid meme

 Recently, this poster showed up elsewhere in a social media walled garden.

I reject the underlying message whole heartedly.  As I said elsewhere

"I reject this anti-western, anti-science propaganda. I will not give up critical thought just for the sake of fitting in. I will not let someone else tell me what to believe. I will not let someone else tell me what books to burn, or what knowledge is forbidden.

As for this, in detail:


So, if it turns out Covid-19 escaped a lab by accident, what then?

Or if we find out someone from Antifa set at least one of the fires in Oregon?

Or if turns out that jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams, but building inspectors were bribed a few times? (Construction, after the bombing in 94)

Or Epstein was murdered?

5G is a stupid idea, they can't deliver what they promised with available funds and technology

Mattress Firm shows the stupidity of the market... at one point, in Hoffman Estates, there was a single corner where there were 5 visible Mattress Firms from the center of the intersection.

Aliens didn't build stone henge... the archeologists aren't inventive enough to figure out how they did it.

Government Made diseases ; We have Bioweapons research labs, we also have labs where people make mistakes and let shit slip that shouldn't.

Subliminal Messages: Isn't consumerism a message that results in everyone wanting far more than they need?

Who made the author of this chart Omniscient?

I reject the thesis of this chart. I reject its politics.

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