Tuesday, October 06, 2020

My responses to a Doc Searls live stream

 Doc Searls mentioned that there were some good responses in the chat log, so I saved them to a file.

Here are mine, I left others out to respect copyright, etc.

Me To All panelists and at...1:48:13 PM

There is a cure for social media... it's to chose your sources wisely, and stop maximizing for BUZZ.

We're the product being sold, and the platforms study our actions and shove us towards a rabbit hole to keep us on their platform, no matter what the cost to us or society.

Me To All panelists and at...1:55:54 PM

From the societal and non-commercial view of the world, we need to pull our attention back, and channel it ourselves. RSS and Blogs still work... and we can use them in parallel with the walled gardens.

The Prepper of the Social Media world is someone who cross-posts to Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and their own Website

Me To All panelists and at...2:00:43 PM

I just picked up a project someone else put on Sourceforge in 2002 and forgot about... it was an adaptation of STOIC, which was an adaptation of FORTH, that Jon Sachs wrote before he wrote Lotus 1 2 3

Me To All panelists and at...2:01:30 PM

With Open source, ideas, tools, and code can persist like books, the allow ideas to live well past their authors.

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