Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Parts is Parts

I just got done taking my laptop completely apart. It is (and should be again) an HP Pavilion 4430US. It's got power connector issues, and I found a bit of corrosion on a corner of the motherboard... fortunately it looks isolated to that one area, I wonder what got spilled in there.

I removed everything I could, RAM, WiFi board, PCMCIA slot, even the CPU, as many stickers etc, ... and especially the rechargable CMOS battery.

I took it to the sink, and washed it with soap and water. I rinsed it, TWICE.

Now to let it air dry overnight. I'll inspect the power connector circuitry more closely in the morning, and see if it looks like anything is wrong. Repair if necessary, then re-assembly.

Didn't want to do it, but them's the breaks. Can't afford to just throw it out without at least making a serious repair effort.

Parts is parts... I'm hoping it'll once again be more than the sum of its parts tomorrow.


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