Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Dave thinks DRM is no big deal. For him, at this time, he's right. The music works, and he's happy.

I think he'll change his mind when he gets a newer computer, and the music doesn't move with his other stuff, or any of the other myriad ways that DRM truely messes with the transparency and utility of general purpose computation.

You'll eventually start worrying about DRM, Dave.... you're just young and innocent right now.


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Anonymous said...

Not really, Mike. Every iTMS track I own can be converted to MP3. I do it now whenever I want to use Roxio Jam, which used to handle Fairplay tracks until Apple squelched it. So now I just play the tracks and have Wiretap Pro save them as MP3s.

Loss of quality?

Probably. But I can't hear it.

I also have a few hundred vinyl albums sitting under the stairs in my ex-wife's house. They didn't move with my other stuff. Nor did I especially want them to. Not to mention a few hundred cassettes I threw out years ago because they were more trouble to cart around than they were worth listening to.

DRM is just another modern minor inconvenience in a world filled with greed, injustice, fear and suffering.

I'm young and innocent enough not to get excited about DRM.

But I understand all the points the anti-DRM proponents make. They're just idealists with misplaced ideals.

In my opinion, of course.