Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ACT 2000 support sucks!

So, you install ACT 2000, and the first thing that happens is that the program has a bug that prevents it from seeing a working internet connection.

You get a dialog box that says:
Internet connection required to check for updates could not be made.

In the Windows Control Panel, check the Internet Options
Dial-up Settings, or connect to the Internet and try again.

What got me pissed is that when... you do a google search (on the computer in question) the first pair of solutions found (on their web site) are BOTH BROKEN.



Sheesh... it's bad enough that it's not a real database, and the performance of the program sucks when you get past 10,000 records because of this, but do they have to cripple the only lifeline to us who have to deal with this thing?

Get a clue, ACT!

Even Microsoft has this one right... you don't have to sign up for anything to get support from their knowledgebase. It's one of the main things keeping system administrators like myself happy, or at least tollerant. We might not like them, but at least we can work with them.


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Anonymous said...

A year and a half later, ACT no longer a Symantec product, no updates available and nowhere to go...

Sage, who have "redeveloped" the software of course will want a purchase of their latest product, before they will help you.

Of course, US telephone support available..... I am in the UK!!

Cheers guys