Thursday, March 02, 2006

One dead laptop, Free HP ZE4430US parts

The laptop had a non-zif CPU socket... broke it trying to get the CPU secured. Jenny is dead, and now becomes a laptop organ donor.


Now that I'm over the anger at myself... I offer the following parts for free to a good home:

From an HP ZE4430US laptop

  • Top half, including Display -1024x768, active matrix
  • Interal WiFi G card, and the cables and antennae, and the little on/off switch and hardware
  • 2x256 MB RAM
  • CD-RW/DVD drive, with latest firmware
  • Keyboard
They all worked before I took it apart, they should work for you.

Leave a comment if you can use any of this. I'll remove items as they get spoke for.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a hard Drive Caddy and Battery for this laptop? If so could you please email me at Thank you

warmfun said...

I will take any and all parts for this laptop TXS Alan Saul

warmfun said...

I'll take any and all parts for this laptop email me at to make arrangements. Txs Alan Saul

Dave Gutberlet said...

If it's not already spoken for, I'm interested in the CD/DVD-Drive. I've got a ZE4430us and my CD/DVD-Drive is beginning to die.


Mike Warot said...

I need contact info before I can do anything... otherwise I don't know where to ship things.

Dave Gutberlet said...

I'm sorry about not leaving contact information.

Please shoot me an e-mail at

Thanks again...


Paul said...

I would surely appreciate the battery if its still around.. paul

Anonymous said...

My CD/DVD stopped working, if still available, I'd like to get the drive.

Derrick said...

I know it's a long shot, but do you happen to have any of this laptop left? I have one that just needs a new ac plug (not the power adapter, the internal plug). I'll pay shipping and handling, and a little extra for it.

Matthew said...

Kiwii Computers

Iam interested in the switch board that turns on the laptop please email me @ we will pay for shipping an $20 for the part

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being generous. I just need the AC adapter if available. I have hard time carrying power cord between office and home. Please mail me back at