Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Virtual Existentialism

I've got an idea... I want to build a run time environment for VMware, but I don't know why.

Here's a bit of a brainstorm/stream-o-consciousness about it

The idea of having a system that can be used to build a program that could run on almost any machine on the planet is appealing... but we've already got Java, cross platform languages, etc.

The idea of getting down to bare metal and programming again also has appeal... but I don't think that's it either.

I want to be able to do applications without any of the baggage of file systems, layers of OS to manage, etc...

The one thing I think it an absolute necessity is a TCP/IP stack, and all of the toys that implies... Ethernet, ARP, IP, UDP, ICMP, TCP, HTTP, DNS... and that's definitely non-trivial.

The rest doesn't really need to be there... the files could be anywhere, the users could be anywhere... heck the code itself could be anywhere... and loaded dynamically.

Any futher ideas/comments welcome.


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