Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fixing the net

It's been suggested that we need government leadership to fix the internet. It's true... but not in the way that Michael Kleeman thinks. My list of steps toward the future include:

  • Settlement free peering
  • IP6 or bust
  • Free portable address blocks
  • 700-799 Mhz allocated to mesh networking

The internet is too much like a big tree, and not enough like a mesh. This results in bottlenecks that reduce reliablity, and make chokepoints to be used by repressive forces. If we encourage a mesh of links, we eliminate this set of problems (and get newer, more interesting ones in exchange!)

We should make it possible for small businesses to get a block of addresses that can be accessed through any ISP they happen to use. This would allow truely redundant internet connections just like the big boys. It shouldn't cost US$25,000 to do this... it should cost nothing.

The FCC has a chunk of spectrum to auction off... I'd suggest instead that we give it back to the public, and use it as a massive next generation networking platform instead. As long as the equipment meets the technical requirements, ANYONE should be able to use it to connect, and be part of, the internet.

Mesh networking is the future, we need to get it done.

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