Monday, January 08, 2007

My HP DV5030US woes continue

LaptopJenny is still waiting for the repair... despite being promised back to me by December 6, 2006. It's the third display failure, exact same symptoms:
  • Vertical stripe on the left edge which makes it look like the sync isn't quite right
  • Position and pressure sensitivty in the upper left corner of the frame outside the display
  • Total loss of video... resulting in vertical striped wallpaper.
I've had this laptop for a little less than a year... a fact which HP insists on pointing out everytime they try to "upsell" me extended warranty coverage (which won't cover the display if (when!) it breaks again).

I've found out that the reason for the delay is a shortage of the part required for the repair. I'm assuming its a mechanical design problem causing the LCD module to break from stress... but I'm no mechanical engineer... so I might be wrong.

I spent about $1500... got about 3 months real use out of it... before losing everything... twice! (HP says that my data is safe... but reformats it every time).

I'm going to save my pennies and get an Acer... they used to be shit in the 80s... but seem to deliver good bang for the bucks these days.


Anonymous said...

get a mac

Mike Warot said...

Well... I fail to see how this bit of wisdom helps deal with HP.

They did eventually cough up a new model machine without the design defect in the lid. It's very nice. 8)