Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Well, our clueless leaders have done it to us again... acting without considering the consequences. I just got the lovely and informative notice from Microsoft that DST2007 is fast approaching. All of our computer systems may or may not be 1 hour off for two months of every year from now on.

To further add to my particular misery, having only started to recover from my laptop woes, and server hell... they add this festive bit of news:
Windows 2000 has passed the end of Mainstream Support and will not be receiving an update without Extended Hotfix Support.
What this means is that I now have to manually patch my OS on my main servers, and many of the workstations. I then have to try to do all the work that Y2K gave us... in the space of 1 month!

It should have been called the Software Sales Support act of 2006.

I think my strategy will be to move everything to the "Indiana" time zone, so that I only have to now MANUALLY update the system clock twice per year instead of 4 times!



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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