Thursday, June 22, 2006

Not even a cheese sandwich

One of the interesting changes that Virginia brought to us is the sudden need to immerse ourselves in deep knowledge of her inputs and outputs. These need to be cafefully monitored and managed, to avoid many issues.

Recently, she had a bit of an output backlog. This is normal for infants of her age, but still managed to concern us, primarily via the lack of a sleep state that this caused. Our subsequent exhaustion then cause a ripple through our I/O as well.

We were relieved when her distress ceased, and the output queue was cleared. We had a visit with the diagnostician today, who monitors her functions and growth. She's progressing quite well, and we're performing our management and maintenance tasks competently.

This afternoon, she slept for many hours... Which delighted and mystified us just a bit... then Noran realized... why

She's all pooped out!

Cheese sandwiches, poop... for every thing, there is a season.

1 comment:

Noran said...

CUTE!!! She asleep now to fishhead song! :)