Friday, June 23, 2006

my themes...

Things I keep bringing up, over and over... all in one handy posting:
  • HTML doesn't allow markup of documents (take a web page, save it on CD-R)... now tell me how I can highlight part of it... (I CANT!)
  • There needs to be a way to jump into existing content like Video, MP3 via external hyperlink
  • Credit Card systems based on keeping your SSN or Card # secret are insanely insecure, and need to go
  • We got a wake up call in 1970 to cut our dependence on foreign energy... why haven't we?
  • 90% of all stuff on the web is crap... including this
  • I'm a very lucky man... inspite of all my complaining, I try to be grateful every day for Noran and Virginia
  • Computers are tools, the means, not the ends
  • Users shouldn't take the blame for bad tools
  • Why can't someone come up with a database that syncs to laptops?
  • Tags and metadata are great, but take wayyy to much time to create
more later...

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