Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My identity stolen too.... 8(

It turns out I'm one of the 26 million veterans who had their information stolen. I'd be tempted to throw stones at the VA... but that's just reactionary diversion from the real problem.

Now... why is it that knowing my Name, Address, and SSN is enough to impersonate me?



Because the credit reporting agencies can't imagine a proper system of authentication (or just don't want to invest in one)...

I think it's absurd that a few digits of information are all that separate my credit history from oblivion. Why do we persist in blaming everyone except the credit companies for this problem?

There are better ways to authenticate people, we need to figure out what they are, and use them. The days of counting on a 10 to 20 digit number as ultimate security are over. Why should 26 million of us have our credit at the mercy of a single string of digits?

It's nuts... time to crack down on the real problem.... outmoded authentication systems.


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