Thursday, November 05, 2020

The medium is the message... it's also a choice.

I missed this post last year by Doc Searls.  I missed it because it was s behind a paywall. I've started cross posting my comments that grow into mini-essays from here onto my blog, and twitter... so that they don't disappear into the Facebook memory hole, and so that I have a place to point to later if the subject comes back up, and so that I can find it again, and save myself the work.

I think this type of cross-posting is an adaptation to social media, I see it as the "survivalist" way of preparing for a collapse, not of society, but of any given social network. It is my theory that if enough of us old school bloggers did this, it wouldn't cost us much in terms of time, but it would help keep the blogs alive, as a viable backup, and way to route around social networks.

What do you folks think?   I expect to get replies to this across time, a slower, but more meaningful web of replies in opposition to the quick "like" of social media.

BTW: Here is the Facebook post by Doc that kicked off this thread.
Sad: The Internet Archive capture of the above post by Doc also blocks you until you sign up for Facebook.

For what it's worth here is a screen shot of the Facebook post in question.

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