Monday, November 16, 2020

Building a better Social Media Platform - a flurry of ideas

 The solution is obvious, build a better platform for connecting to friends and families and things you find interesting.

Support the fact that we all have multiple identities and personas and roles in the world.

Support the fact that any given piece of content can be judged in an infinite number of dimensions... not just a few emoticons.  Especially relevant these days, truth, politics, humor, cute are all orthogonal. Let the user make up their own ratings.

Support the fact that we don't want to share everything with everybody all the time.  In fact, we don't want any new friends to automatically be able to dig back decades to stuff we shared with our friends back then.

Do NOT ever show me a photo of my dead pet, friend or relative in order to try to get me to recycle old posts.

If you really want to be ambitious, support capabilities... so I could give you a pass to look at photos of a project I'm working on, and you could forward that pass to whoever, and they wouldn't even need an account to see it... the pass is the key.  The pass could be revoked at any time, if abuse happens.

Just some ideas... I'll build it, if a sufficiently large interest appears.

[Edit] Bonus points: Build a set of APIs that allow it to be accessed like imap folders are in email... with a number of clients and a federation protocol.

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