Saturday, April 10, 2010

I have several important ideas to express

Like most bloggers, I have ideas I think are really important. These are deep, very meta ideas. Ideas which can make a huge difference in the world, if I can effectively communicate them to others, but alas, I wasn't taught rhetoric. This is making things far less efficient than they could have been.

I will list some of them below:

  • Computer security can be fixed using cabsec
  • Because computers aren't secure, people don't really own their own computers
  • Because we're not the true owners of our computers, we can't really own our data
  • We can't run our own networks because we can't keep them secure, we have to pay others
  • This invites censorship and government intervention because we can't keep them private
  • We're not taught the skills necessary to be citizens in the US these days, perhaps deliberately.
  • The US economy is imploding because we don't manufacture things anymore.
  • The civil war was about grabbing power, it did not end slavery, but transformed it.
  • The Federal reserve caused the Great Depression, and is causing the Second as well.
  • Peak oil happened already, Thanksgiving 2005
  • It's impossible to find the truth about global warming for the average citizen. It seems to be happening, but it could also be the basis for yet another power grab.

See, that's quite a list... and I'm sure there are more things to add to it. I might have effectively communicated 10 of these ideas to 10 people in the last 10 years, if I'm lucky. I need to do far, far better if I'm to make any kind of dent in this world before I pass on.

There are some things I'd also like to know

  • Who really killed JFK?
  • Who runs the US, really?
  • Where did all of the bailout money go?
  • Where did the Trillion dollars the DOD lost go to?
  • Is our current lack of computer security a historical accident, or was it deliberate?
  • Why didn't we learn that prohibition doesn't work?
  • What would it take to restore our country to a true democracy of informed citizens? Can it still be done?
  • What's up with global warming?
  • How do we effectively discuss non-trivial concepts when Google is the tool to find the conversations? Keyword search only works well for popular subjects, and hides alternative meanings.
Ok... tangents and time sinks and really deep questions... comments and conversations welcome.

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