Tuesday, January 29, 2008

IT Management - Outlook 2007 defect causes major embarassment

Recently sent to everyone at work... hopefully helpful to the blog-o-sphere as well:

We've recently has some issues with Meetings and Reminders in Outlook 2007. Please read this carefully if you use Outlook 2007.

The problem:

The Monthly view of the calendar creates an ALL DAY event when you double click on a date to create a meeting.

The reminder for an all day event is 18 hours, and doesn't change when you un-click "all day event"

The sender of the message sets the reminder time for everyone to is in the meeting.

18 hour reminders result in reminders at VERY inappropriate times.

Imagine your client's Blackberry sounding off at 4:30 AM because of you!

Suggested fixes:

  • · Don't use the montly view to plan meetings (use weekly views instead)
  • · Be very careful if you ever have to un-click the "all day event" box

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