Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Couldn't log in to Swapdrive.com - Mystery solved

I had a user who could not log in to SwapDrive.com. Clearing cache, and all the usually remedies failed. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox exhibited the same problem.

The user had already disabled pretty much every option in McAfee related to the internet, to no avail.

I used services.msc to manually kill as many McAfee related services as possible, and then it worked!

I gave the user two batch files to deal with this in the future:

net stop "McAfee E-mail Proxy"
net stop "McAfee HackerWatch Service"
net stop "McAfee Network Agent"
net stop "McAfee Personal Firewall Service"
net stop "McAfee Privacy Service"
net stop "McAfee Protection Manager"
net stop "McAfee Proxy Service"
net stop "McAfee Real-time Scanner"
net stop "McAfee Redirector Service"
net stop "McAfee Scanner"
net stop "McAfee Services"
net stop "McAfee SystemGuards"
net stop "McAfee Update Manager"

net start "McAfee E-mail Proxy"
net start "McAfee HackerWatch Service"
net start "McAfee Network Agent"
net start "McAfee Personal Firewall Service"
net start "McAfee Privacy Service"
net start "McAfee Protection Manager"
net start "McAfee Proxy Service"
net start "McAfee Real-time Scanner"
net start "McAfee Redirector Service"
net start "McAfee Scanner"
net start "McAfee Services"
net start "McAfee SystemGuards"
net start "McAfee Update Manager"

I put both on the desktop, and told the user to ignore the errors that it generates. Now I have a happier user. 8)

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Caleb Fenton said...

Google searched for "mcafee net stop" and this was among the top results. Handy-dandy! Thanks for the post. I was collecting service names for all the annoying bloatware programs I could find.