Wednesday, November 07, 2007

VRM- the missing 90%

Doc Searls has a well intentioned, and necessary project going with the Berkman Center of Harvard University... he calls it VRM. The wiki there hasn't seen much use, so I thought I'd browse it... this page in particular got me to thinking...(go ahead... look and come back)

There's a lot missing from the diagram... everything before the ends of a transaction.

.... missing thought train goes here ... ;-)

90% of a possible transaction's value chain comes from intermediaries.. and they can't appear in the diagram which only considers the ending.

Unlike the internet, there is quite a bit of value in the middle of the network... my friends help me to decide which manufacturers have value, and evaluate their reputations. The Government prevents me from making transactions that are harmful to myself or society. Marketing folks help me learn of the existence of things I might want.

The relationship formed after an actual purchase is only a small part of the picture, it's time to look outside the box.


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Noran said...

i feel your issues are somewhat addressed by the definitions of the areas of the diagram. no diagram can be globally perfect--it tries to paint an image for us to understand the complex concept it is trying to illustrate. i feel they have met their mark with theirs.`