Wednesday, August 22, 2007

VMware - It's all about control

Why do I use VMware? It's all about control...

It used to be that you could install applications simply by copying them into a system, and adding the directory to the path if necessary. Microsoft broke things when they decided to go with the registry and all of the non-friendly things that ensued. Application portability evaporated.

Then the holes started to appear, and this magical thing called UPTIME disappeared when we started to have to patch things on a regular basis.

The emergence of VMware allows us to start to put things back the way they belong. We can now have portable applications once again, albeit one per virtual machine. We can have this thing called uptime back, because the physical machine is running something more secure and doesn't need to be rebooted all the time.

We're taking back control of our environment... at long last!


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