Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Furure of the Web - In reply to Scoble

Scoble asks for opinions about the future of blogging... I opt for a comment here...

Here is my hypothetical Web 3.0 link to his post, to provide context.

Robert, I feel that Comments ARE the future of blogs as far as I'm concerned. Blogs as we know them are like this.

In order to comment on a post, you're forced to make a choice:

1) Hope the blog has a nice comments service that is working at the time, and friendly enough to let you work efficiently.

2) Create your own comment about it in your own page, and hope that Technorati or Google, or pingbacks let the author find it (assuming, of course, he's looking for it. To do this you have to cut/paste the URL, and copy/paste the germain piece of text (in an attempt to provide context), and then write around it to try to make your point.

Neither of these is optimal.

The clever web services set up to add comments to a given post are locked in a battle with the spammers, so they don't always work.

The loss of context when trying to post a reply via one's on blog forces one to invent a way of trying to get the context back.

I believe there is a better way.

If there were a way to collect comments EXTERNALLY, and get them included at the time the page is read, multiple layers of info could be combined to make things clearer because the context doesn't get lost.

As in this example... written in plaintext... I reference the URL of the permalink, and then specify a search to enable matching EXACTLY the context.

THAT is the future of blogging, as I see it.


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