Friday, May 19, 2006

Why we can't save the internet, yet

Doc has a thread going about saving the internet as we know it. His focus is on maintaining "net neutrality" or "net equality", and there's a lot of energy being thrown at this issue. Regardless of the lobbying efforts and the grass roots response... right now we just can't save the net.



Having a fair and open internet requires that everyone have a nice wide open set of TCP and UDP ports... which is suicidal with today's operating systems. Everyone filters things behind firewalls and filters. Thus, the battle for an open net is effectively lost.

If anyone needs an excuse to defend their actions, they can simply assert "oh... we're just protecting the users"... and innovation dies a rapid death.

I've written so many times about the need for real security that I'm afraid everyone's going to think I'm a broken record... but it's crucial that we get an OS together that can run mobile code, have all its ports open, and still remain secure.

Linux, MacOS, Unix, and Windows all are completely incapable of running mobile code in any type of secure fashion. Until we get the paradigm shifted to one built around not trusting code, we're not going to be able to trust our computers... and thus we can't trust the net.

Security, Security, Security.....

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