Sunday, May 28, 2006

Finding balance

I'm spending a lot of energy trying to find balance today. With the arrival of our daughter, Virginia this week, everything has changed.

Getting the right amount of food, clothing and diapers for her is part of it. I'm finally comfortable changing diapers... a balance of preparation and improvisation is required.

I posted photos on Flickr... but didn't quite feel comfortable leaving them public. So I changed them to the "family and friends" setting... which makes me much more comfortable, but does tend to block off the serindiptious nature of Flickr.... so I still don't feel balanced.

I'm sure discussing all of this with friends and family will eventually help me reach a sane balance to all of these matters and more.

She's soooooo cute when she sleeps! (But I worry because she's so quiet!)

Well... she's waking up....


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